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Dear participants, collaborators and friends:

First of all, we are happy to know that most of you are already at home and, more importantly, that you are all well.

This year we have been able to enjoy four wonderful days of the festival and we are sorry that the people who arrived on Friday were not able to enjoy the beautiful energy shared during those days, but the health emergency situation urged its cancellation.

Many of you know that organizing an international festival on an island for seven days takes the effort and work of a whole year, taking care of the smallest detail for everyone's enjoyment.

As you can imagine, one month before the festival took place, the vast majority of services had been booked and paid for. So once we have reviewed and calculated the paid services that we did not use (vans, flights, and hotel accommodations for all the staff), and those that we did (dance halls, web developer, designer, brochures and other materials, liability insurance, bracelets, T-shirts,...), the final sum amounts to a little over 70% of the festival budget.

Since only a third of the registered participants decided to actually take part, we are now faced with the tough question of how to deal  with a large part of the festival's expenses.

We are very grateful for some of the messages we have received recently about not asking for any refund of the money you paid to attend the Festival. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR KIND HELP. This gesture means a lot to us. It will help us to start building the foundation of the Canary Islands Tango Festival 2021.

We will be contacting each of you shortly to try and resolve the cancellation of the last three days of the festival in the best possible way.

Adriana & Damian