Canary Islands Tango Festival

Alejandra Martiñán & Aoniken Quiroga

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Alejandra Mantiñán has been engaged with the tango world for the last 30 years. Committed to her work, she is today one of those women who have built a pathway, not only because of her dancing but for her teaching research as well. .On top of taking part at almost every festival in the world, Alejandra Mantiñán “the amazing feet" was the most talked-about dancer among the participants of the World Tango Championship, according to a survey carried out by “El Tangauta”, the most important Tango magazine, She is also jury in the finals of the Championship.

Alejandra has participated in more than 20 shows around the world. During eight years she was part of the leading couple of "Tango Passion" show, covering performances at 360 cities world-wide. She was specially distinguished by the New York Times at the premiere of “Tango Passion” on Broadway. Likewise, she has been cover of the main journals of the world with Gustavo Russo, her partner for 15 years With him, she presently holds the record of hits in YouTube's Tango, with more than 7 million hits. Her partners have been Guillermo Salvat, Gabriel Missé, Aoniken Quiroga, Martín Ojeda, Horacio Godoy and, Leandro Palou among others With Chicho Frumboli as her partner she just been part of a show in Viena.

Aoniken Quiroga was attracted by tango since he was very young. He studied with important Masters like Carlos Gavito, Rosa Pérez and, “El Pibe Avellaneda.”. He made his theatre début in 1998 in "Con...Tangos" show. He became part of a number of theatre troupes until he joined "Forever Tango" troupe, Luis Bravo’s renowned show.

Aoniken devoted himself to consider a type of personal style in deep. This is focused in connecting the “milonguero” dancer to the elegance of the salon style and to the exclusiveness and speed of the stage style. This talented dancer owner of a fantastic personality and charisma has performed at most famous Buenos Aires milongas and also at those all around the world. In fact, he is one of the main characters of the Buenos Aires new young tanguera generation.


Selva Mastroti & Marcelo Ramer

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They are remarkable Argentine dancers devoting their lives to Tango which they depict with great art and hard training. The passion and the strength of this refined art are expressed at its utmost brightness.

Since their early childhood they started their academic studies: Marcelo in the traditional folk field and Selva learning classical ballet. They met in 2001 at Capilla del Monte, Cordoba province. Since then they have been dancing together, fulfilling a large commitment of absolute dedication to Tango. Seeking to enhance their skills, they travelled to Buenos Aires where they studied with the best masters.

In 2005 they visited Europe and now they are settled in Nuremberg, performing and participating at exhibitions on different international stages in countries like Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, England, Algeria and Germany.

Presently they are professionally engaged in dancing, holding workshops and performances alternatively in Germany and other countries.


Giselle Gatica-Luján & Roque Castellano

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They are a gifted dancing couple who have built a solid education that makes them ca-pable of covering a wide range of disciplines. They also own a large brilliant artistic ca-reer.

Born in Argentina, they both started their dancing education in their provinces of origin at an early age: Flamenco and Spanish dancing Giselle in San Luis, and Roque learnt Malambo in Santiago del Estero. They both completed their dancing education in Bue-nos Aires. It was there where they started their professional career.

Once together, they joined their knowledge and experience to develop a very personal and musical style. This dynamic style, full of elegance and pauses, is evident in a very sensitive “abrazo”, in which delicate feet crown the movement.

Arrived in Europe in 2006 they travelled all over different countries like Spain, France Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Austria bringing their art and lessons. From 2010 to 2010 they moved to Germany being contracted to work in various cities and Tango Academies.

They presently live in Spain where they keep on developing their artistic lives and teaching. As per this continued work as artists and teachers, they have gained the love and respect of their students and audience.

PEDAGOGY: They tend to make the body and the senses feel the music, the "abrazo", the partner and the space.They point at turning the improvisation and musicality into a kind of game that could give birth to a passionate personal kind of dance


Isabel Costa & Nelson Pinto

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Isabel Costa and Nelson Pinto are Portuguese dance partners, performing together since 1997. They began their career as Ballroom Sport dancers obtaining several Awards at national championships, categories America and Modern. As they also loved other rhythms like salsa and Argentine tango, they decided to take the challenge of getting quality training with worldwide famous directors.

Presently, on top of being masters and dancers, they are choreographers and directors of the Compañía Ritmo Azul, worldwide renowned. Isabel and Nelson’s career shows successful participations in international festivals and workshops held in Nice, Stuttgart, London, Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Macau, Beijing and Hong Kong.

They keep on organizing many tango events in Portugal. In July 2011 they won the European 2nd position for the “Stage Tango” category in Italy at the competition held under the auspices of the Buenos Aires Government. Thus, they became famous for being the first Portuguese couple to ever be ranked in such a position after competing with many couples from other countries such as Spain, Italy, Greece and Russia.

They had similar success as the best ranked Portuguese couple and the 2nd best couple of Europe at the 2012 World Tango Championship.


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Canary Islands Tango Festival Organizers.

For more than 5 years they have been teaching Tango and spreading its spirit all over the Canary Islands. Only 3 years ago Adriana and Damián decided to join their skills and experience to create Tango Sol Islas Canarias venture which meant sharing a deeply cherished project.

The special way they teach and dance the Tango Argentino enhances the passion they feel when they join together in an “ABRAZO” (embrace). Their goal is to feed this by continuing to seek technique excellence within the evolving Tango Argentino.

They have performed in several shows in the Canary Islands such as “Entre Tangos” and “Buenos Aires Tango.” In the case of “Saxo Tour” they travelled around the islands accompanied by live music.

At the moment they regularly teach at Gran Canaria and Tenerife.


Pasi Lauren & Maria Elisabet - Guest Teachers

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Argentine tango teachers, dancers, dj's and choreographers

Dancing Argentine tango since 2000, teaching together since 2005

Dancing and teaching also the Finnish tango



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