Canary Islands Tango Festival

Gran Canaria is one of the seven larger islands in the Canary Archipelago. It is 210 km away from the African coastline and 1250 km from Cadiz, the closest continental European port.

The Festival will have activities in 2 locations: from Monday 2nd to Wednesday 4th in the area of Vegueta. From Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th in Playa de las Canteras area. Distance between both places is 5 km what means about 8 minutes by taxi.

Vegueta Area (Historical city centre)

Part of the activities of the Festival will have CIRCULO MERCANTIL as official venue. Accreditations/tickets will be delivered there. Tango Introduction Intensive Course as well as Milongas will take place there on Monday 2nd , Tuesday 3rd and Wednesday 4th of March.

Walking along Vegueta streets leads you to make a practice upon some of the most intense chapters of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria history since it was founded, in 1478.
The district walls have seen everything: from the city settlement to the arrival of the first Andalucian artisans; from Columbus caravels to the pirates’ assaults.
Samples of the Traditional Architecture such as the patios full of plants, the pedestrian parks, the wooden balconies, the paved streets, the museums...are the best excuse for quitting the beach for some hours.

Zona Playa de las Canteras

The official venue in this area will be HOTEL REINA ISABEL where classes and milongas will take place on Thursday 5th, Friday 6th, Saturday 7th and, Sunday 8th of March.

Las Canteras Beach, located North-western Las Palmas de Gran Canaria extends along 3800m of coastline, on the edge of the city. This is one of the major urban beaches in the world. A rocky reef of volcanic origin preserves its fine sand which is, for most of the year, refreshed by the trade winds. Thus, the beach remains as a natural reserve of typical subtropical fauna of substantial ecological value. A large number of marine species live in such place taking advantage of its protected waters. There, the native and migratory birds easily get their food from the rocks which become a larder for them.

Together with a winding seafront, Las Canteras beach is full of leisure places which give charm and amusement to the city. It is ideal for nautical sports, mainly for surf. Its powerful waves are highly appreciated by surfers from all around the world.

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